Guido Fawkes (Anonymous)SPES, the deity of hope & prosperity. Now, the newest, smallest & first ever build your own UK Political Party. Time for change in the UK, a revolution.

1) Stop the wealthy corporate and individual tax dodgers. It is easy, but the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems refuse because they and their backers dodge UK taxes too.

2) Bye bye unelected upper house (Lords) & monarch. The Queen / her progeny can be ceremonial heads of state / ambassadors & stand for election as president if they want.

3) Get rid of the class and present honours system. You are not inferior to others, nor others to you. The class system breeds nothing but bad attitude amongst us all.

4) Stop spending billions on elitist / wannabe empire projects. Put the money into the NHS, schools, universities, social care, leisure, emergency services, defence (but not aggression).

5) Abolish lower income taxes & TV licenses. Have a true luxury rate VAT. Tax money & job exports. Tax pollution. Double tax dodgers. Privatize Westminster, Whitehall & Royal Estates.

6) Reform the electoral system (a win win option does exist). Return fraudulently acquired own to rent properties to the housing market. Double the rates for empty residential property.

7) Incentivize businesses, especially those that export & contribute to tomorrow. Reform welfare, prisons, foreign policy. Make Britain Great again. or Create an Account

Read me. Join SPES. Enough is enough.
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Read me. Join SPES. Enough is enough.

Enough is enough. The wealthy are getting wealthier, not least by tax evasion (there is no difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion except that only the wealthy can tax avoid, so the difference is pure spin, lies). No political party represents me. Politicians clearly lie and cheat and scheme for their own self-interest (is this not treason by definition?). Robots and Artificial Intelligence increasingly do the jobs of humans. The everyday people, what the wealthy snobs call "working and lower middle class" people, we are being forced into self-employment for peanuts with the government increasingly taxing us (often as cowards, through the back door), not the wealthy. Lack of affordable housing, real employment, a future is turning the people into virtual slaves. The electoral and governmental system prevents change; the tax avoiding wealthy fund the political campaigns of Labour, the Lib Dems and Conservatives, so we only hear what they want us to. The current electoral system unfairly prevents new political parties from getting representation. The upper house, the House of Lords which can block the passage of laws, has virtually only Labour, the Lib Dems and Conservative peers, and prevents new political parties from getting the job done. The Green Party, UKIP and others, by definition, are not political parties, but have specific agendas.

But, there is hope. We live in the new world. The Internet and Social Media allows voices to be heard. Clearly, there are many, many Brits who are unhappy with the state of our country. So, all we / you need to do is focus, join together. It may start small, but like an acorn it can grow. And all you have to do is have your say here, and see what happens. Speak your mind and see what happens. It is up to all of us; SPES, the build our own political party for the people, could be the future goverment if we each simply speak our minds and come together. If we are to Brexit, let it be for the good of the people, not the wealthy lied pipers. I am talking about a revolution.

SPES is not my (the site adminstrator's) political party. I will gladly hand it over to a people's movement. I seek nothing but change, a decent future for myself, for my children, and for Britain as a whole.

About SPES / the icons used here:

[Image: COIN_Roundel_50.png]
Spes is the deity (goddess) of hope. The name “Spes” appears on many ancient coins; she held flowers, poppies, the symbol of prosperity. So “Spes” in Roman times meant hope and prosperity.

Spes was the only one left in Pandora's box (it was actually a jar, but never mind) when Pandora, out of mischievous curiosity, opened the box she knew she should not (Zeus had warned her not to), and with that released all the evils and troubles of mankind (and womankind of course). Pandora tried and tried to put the top back on, but when she did, she trapped only Spes in the box.

Pandora's box is a metaphor for doing something that causes unwanted and unexpected harm.

The idiom to “open a Pandora's Box” has surely now been replaced by a modern event, Brexit.

No matter if you are a Remainer or a Brexiteer, every one can at least agree Brexit has deeply divided the UK, and is likely to hurt our economy, though the extent of economical harm is argued by both sides as to level and permanence.

[Image: POPPY_Roundel_50.png]
The poppy has two meanings for this site. The first, as above, as the symbol of prosperity.

The second is the symbol of slaughter in the WW1 killing fields of Flanders, of British and others who lost their lives for King & Country. I respect these people, truly. But I do not respect the cause, which unfinished business went on to fuel WW2. It annoys me beyond words to see our Royal Family lay wreaths at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday; I say nothing for those who suffered and yet hold them dear.

WW1 was a war of kings; it started with the assassination of an otherwise insignificant Archduke, Franz Ferdinand of Austria. And then the royal families of Europe declared war on each other, expecting, neigh demanding their subjects spill their blood and die for their royal honour. And when the bloody war was over, it was not; there was merely an armistice which both insulted Germany and headed it towards revolution, a bad revolution. WW2, even more evil than WW1, was a direct consequence of the former.

And so the poppy makes me sad for those who answered the call, and the civilians that died without doing anything but dare live. And so I have an almighty problem reconciling our privileged royal family at the base of the Cenotaph when, it has to be said, their ancestor King George V and his cousins in Germany and Russia  started the war in the first place.

[Image: EU_Roundel_50.png]
The EU flag, minus a star (Great Britain). Don't get me wrong, I despise bureaucrats and have no love for Brussels. But I blame our politicians and civil servants, not theirs. We had a golden chance to milk the fat EU cow just like everyone else, if not better. But our anal retentive MPs, MEPs and civil servants simply honoured every comma and strict interpretation thereof, while most other member states took the EC Regulations, put them onto their statutes and then ignored them.

We had the opportunity to outdo those mostly Southern EU member states and better, launch wave after wave of official process against each of them that dared to transgress, especially those that dared to do so for the detriment of British expats. I understand why Nigel Farage hated Brussels, but he is in my honest opinion an idiot and a traitor. He did not play them at their own game but better, he just made himself a pain in the behind for the sake of it.

We really missed a huge opportunity with the EU, and our useless politicians blew it and then blamed the EU, not themselves.

[Image: CROSS_Roundel_50.png]
The Broken Sun Cross Swastika, or rather my take on it.

Yes, it is a Swastika, but not the Nazi German Hakenkreuz. The Nazis stole the Swastika from the Hindus, it represents God (the Brahman) in his universal manifestation, and energy (Shakti). It represents the four directions of the world (the four faces of Brahma). It also represents the Purushartha: Dharma (natural order), artha (wealth), kama (desire), and moksha (liberation). The Sun Cross is a prehistoric symbol representing the earth; the broken version represents the four seasons.

It has to be admitted, part of the reason for the symbol being attractive to me is as an acknowledgement to the technological achievements of the Germans that nearly allowed them to rule the world. But, as you should notice, the real swastikas orientate in the other direction to the Hakenkreuz. Whereas I despise the Nazis for their inhumanity, I believe there should be no issue in taking what good can be taken from the Third Reich; after all, without Nazi rocket scientists, neither the USSR or USA would have had such an early space program. And so, for me, the Broken Sun Cross Swastika is a symbol of anti-hyprocracy.

[Image: ANON_Roundel_50.png]
Anonymous / Guido Fawkes

Anonymous is the protection you and I need from those who do not want us to speak the truth, or our minds, though this is our legal right. It tires and sickens me to see news of bloggers and others being sued by the wealthy and influential for exercising their human rights. To see expensive lawyers twist and pervert the law to punish those who dare to demand to stand up for themselves and others; for I am one of that number. Increasingly so too for protection against the government and their army of uncivil servants, including the police. While I respect most police officers, I do not respect them all, and I empathize with the working class, black and Asian communities especially.

Anonymous is also a sign that we are the same, that faces are covers for books, and we should not judge the content by the face; especially politician's faces. And it is the sign of rebelion and, if need be, revolution.

As for Guido Fawkes, he is not my hero; a Catholic who wanted to defeat the Protestants. But I like his style, and I like his ultimate solution to any terminal disagreement with the government. Whereas I hope I never witness let alone procure the explosive termination of Westminster, I do not rule out the necessity or likelihood unless we change the direction of our political system.

[Image: RAF_Roundel_50.png]
The British Decal / Roundel

As used on British aircraft that defeated the might of the German Luftwaffe, and you can only give thanks to and take pride in their aircraft and their pilots. "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"; I love that speech, that truth, that pride, that determination, that honour. While also, the same decal was used by the Mods, particularly the group "The Who" as a sign of rebellion, of change, in the 1960's. And where, to some, both aircraft roundel and Mod decal may be incompatible, to me they are not. Were it not for the RAF in WW2, I doubt very much if there would be any Mod cultural rebellion. For me it says everything about what we should strive for.


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