Guido Fawkes (Anonymous)SPES, the deity of hope & prosperity. Now, the newest, smallest & first ever build your own UK Political Party. Time for change in the UK, a revolution.

1) Stop the wealthy corporate and individual tax dodgers. It is easy, but the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems refuse because they and their backers dodge UK taxes too.

2) Bye bye unelected upper house (Lords) & monarch. The Queen / her progeny can be ceremonial heads of state / ambassadors & stand for election as president if they want.

3) Get rid of the class and present honours system. You are not inferior to others, nor others to you. The class system breeds nothing but bad attitude amongst us all.

4) Stop spending billions on elitist / wannabe empire projects. Put the money into the NHS, schools, universities, social care, leisure, emergency services, defence (but not aggression).

5) Abolish lower income taxes & TV licenses. Have a true luxury rate VAT. Tax money & job exports. Tax pollution. Double tax dodgers. Privatize Westminster, Whitehall & Royal Estates.

6) Reform the electoral system (a win win option does exist). Return fraudulently acquired own to rent properties to the housing market. Double the rates for empty residential property.

7) Incentivize businesses, especially those that export & contribute to tomorrow. Reform welfare, prisons, foreign policy. Make Britain Great again. or Create an Account

My proposals for the ECHR / ECtHR
21-09-2017, 01:06 PM, (This post was last modified: 22-09-2017, 05:38 AM by Spes.)
My proposals for the ECHR / ECtHR
Listen, the ECHR / ECtHR fails the everyday person on two counts; i) it allows hate speech preachers like Abu Hamza al-Masri to remain in the UK instead of being deported / extradited, ii) everyday people do not get protection themselves because the ECtHR is a non-accountable body that rejects over 90% of applications / complaints (those made by real people without fancy lawyers) and does not say why. Enough of this sick joke.

My proposals for the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) and ECtHR (European Court of Human Rights) are;

1) Exit the ECHR to then sign up once more but with reservations (reservations / caveats can not be added after the event / to the existing signed / implemented agreement made by the UK). For example, have a reservation for those involved in hate speeches, alleged terrorist acts, etc. so they can be more easily deported. I would also personally like to see us exit the ECHR long enough to have the death penalty for a few days, to try Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and any other politician who can be proven to have lied about Brexit for Treason, and to hang them from Traitor's Gate if convicted Angel 

2) Make the ECtHR transparent and force them to substantially and publicly explain / publish why each and every refusal / rejection was made. At the moment, they do not do this and 90% of applications to the ECtHR are rejected on admissibility grounds without giving any reasoning. If you have a specialist lawyer, you are in. But if you try to complain yourself or through a nobody / inexperienced lawyer, it is highly unlikely your complaint will get past the first hurdle and, what is worse, you will never know specifically why. Although the ECtHR can not be sued for negligence / discrimination, it would at least a) expose such negligence / discrimination and b) help applicants who can not afford expensive specialist lawyers to understand EXACTLY why other applicants have failed.

3) Make it statutory for the UK Government to get involved when a British national is involved; currently they are invited to do this but never do (if they did, British citizens taking other countries to the ECtHR would get their applications past the admissibility stage).

4) Force the ECtHR to comply with the ECHR themselves. That is, if they mess up and reject an application for the wrong reasons, an NGO for example can step in and demand a judicial review.


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