Guido Fawkes (Anonymous)SPES, the deity of hope & prosperity. Now, the newest, smallest & first ever build your own UK Political Party. Time for change in the UK, a revolution.

1) Stop the wealthy corporate and individual tax dodgers. It is easy, but the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems refuse because they and their backers dodge UK taxes too.

2) Bye bye unelected upper house (Lords) & monarch. The Queen / her progeny can be ceremonial heads of state / ambassadors & stand for election as president if they want.

3) Get rid of the class and present honours system. You are not inferior to others, nor others to you. The class system breeds nothing but bad attitude amongst us all.

4) Stop spending billions on elitist / wannabe empire projects. Put the money into the NHS, schools, universities, social care, leisure, emergency services, defence (but not aggression).

5) Abolish lower income taxes & TV licenses. Have a true luxury rate VAT. Tax money & job exports. Tax pollution. Double tax dodgers. Privatize Westminster, Whitehall & Royal Estates.

6) Reform the electoral system (a win win option does exist). Return fraudulently acquired own to rent properties to the housing market. Double the rates for empty residential property.

7) Incentivize businesses, especially those that export & contribute to tomorrow. Reform welfare, prisons, foreign policy. Make Britain Great again. or Create an Account

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My idea for a new electoral system
05-02-2017, 05:05 PM,
My idea for a new electoral system
To be candid, I see both good and bad in the constituency first past the post electoral system we have in the UK. Good, as I think each constituency (area) should have their own duly elected representative in parliament. Bad because a vote for a less popular party is currently a wasted vote.

So we have 650 constituencies and therefore 650 MP's. What I suggest is to reduce this down to say, for example, 550 constituencies / constituency MP's, but to top up the number of MP's according to the total national percentage vote. This would help political parties who come second in many constituencies (such as the Lib Dems and even, dare I say, UKIP) but who fail to get many seats.

However, to prevent the core 550 primary constituency MP's from being overruled on key issues, I believe that each party should produce a pre-election manifesto including up to 5 key policies which the secondary “top-up” MP's would not be allowed to vote on. This way, we would have the first past the post system many people like, yet also proportional representation.

Further, I would like to vote for my head of state, not have one imposed upon me; after all, we are meant to be a democracy, right? I understand many, many people love the Queen and royal family, and I accept they do generate revenue for the UK (though I wonder just how much for the average person and whether they cost more than they generate). So my proposal would be for a Ceremonial Head of State (the Queen, her heirs), who could only be removed by referendum. And where the Ceremonial Head of State can also stand and be the Principle Head of State (carefully avoiding the term “President”). Finally, where the Principle Head of State, wait for this, is rather like the Iranian model (though not identical), where they are unseen, unheard, and simply ensure the Constitution is upheld by the Government, who should retain their Prime Minister, of course; though I would prefer them to change their name from “House of Commons” to “House of Representatives”, based solely on getting rid of all vestiges of the class system.

With regard to the House of Lords, I would propose it is replaced with an elected body, the House of Elders or whatever (again, diplomatically avoiding “Senate”) of which the existing Lords remain until they are no longer able. However, unlike with elder politicians, any new members of the House of Elders should be from nominations by the general public, perhaps by a TV program with mobile app allowing people to nominate and ultimately vote for anyone they choose. Nominees may well have busy other lives, so to help them accept, I would propose allowing them to vote on legislature remotely.

Finally, I would suggest that the government be required to seek public opinion on important matters before the house. Again, this can be done via TV and mobile aps. Such public opinion not being binding on the government in any way other than to let them and the opposition know of public opinion.

Finally, I would make all elections mandatory; if you do not vote, you will be fined a percentage of your salary / benefits. At the same time I would include a box on ballot papers that for “None of the above”, for people that want to state they are not happy with any of the options. And I would like to try and make it much easier for people to vote, with polling booths at all supermarkets, postal voting, and possibly even mobile application voting with enhanced security (not only must your mobile number be verified, but also you can only vote via an app using your home Wi-Fi).

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