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Brexit, rising costs
03-02-2017, 05:07 PM,
Brexit, rising costs
I predict prices / inflation will rise more than it should otherwise. The trouble with inflation is that it is a little here, a alittle there, and people tend to lose track of just how much more life is costing them. I noticed Sainsburys have increased their own label wines and stopped their buy 6, get 25% discount offer, which I expected and have decided to give up wine anyway. But it all adds up. So, this thread is for articles regarding price rises, where some or all of the cost is put down to Brexit / a weaker pound.

Car insurance prices higher due to weaker pound
05-02-2017, 08:50 AM,
RE: Brexit, rising costs
NPower are raising their tariff on me by a whopping 10%. The Guardian quote them as saying "Npower blamed its planned rises on increases in wholesale gas and electricity costs". I reckon they are deliberately holding back from blaming the weaker pound / Brexit effect as a) this may cost them Brexit supporting customers unhappy at the realities of what they are doing to this country, and b) because the Government have asked them not to make such claims at this politically sensitive time. The fact is we buy in USD and Euros, and the weak GBP means higher domestic prices, as cited by NPower. There can be no other factors; think about it. So this is all about how me and my family are being tooled by the Victorian era racist / want to drive an Austin Maxi again Brits.
09-02-2017, 05:03 PM,
Thomas Cook prices up 9%
"We remain cautious about the rest of the year, given the uncertain political and economic outlook."

Thomas Cook 2017 Price Hike
"the cost of an average getaway rising by 9%."

Thomas Cook are clearly pandering to the Brexiter customer element by not blaming the fall in the pound due to Brexit. But the diplospeak is clear. Never mind! Butlins and bully beef is just as good as Spain and San Jacobos right?
10-02-2017, 11:15 AM,
RE: Brexit, rising costs
Filling up the tank with petrol - £53 before June 2016, £65 and rising now. All thanks to the weak pound, caused by the vote to leave to EU (can't bring myself to utter the 'B' word).
12-09-2017, 09:59 AM,
64% Inflation, thanks Brexit.
Morrisons Profiteroles 2 x 90g, made in France. Before: £1.00. Now £1.64.

These were our favourites but I am not paying that for them. And it is items like this, the things that you do buy, that do not appear in the Retail Price Index BS that specifies inflation.

64% Inflation, thanks Brexit.
22-09-2017, 05:51 AM,
RE: Brexit, rising costs
My electricity bill is going up by over 30%. I have tried the price comparison sites and have signed for the best deal, but the 30% increase is with that best deal. If I had stayed with my present supplier and their now "best tarrif", my bill would go up by just over 40%.

In addition, I see prices in the supermarkets going up. What were £1 staple offers (like Ginsters pasties) are now £1.05. OK, that is only 5%, but you notice weird prices like £1.05, and there are now plenty of them.

My favorite bread was Asda's economy wholemeal, not so much for the price, which was 40p, but because of the taste and the fact they did not put other ingredients ("improvers") in it. It has gone, no longer being sold. Instead is the horrible ASDA regular wholemeal which I can not stand; was 50p, now 60p. That for me is a 50% increase in bread prices and giving me a poorer product.

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