Guido Fawkes (Anonymous)SPES, the deity of hope & prosperity. Now, the newest, smallest & first ever build your own UK Political Party. Time for change in the UK, a revolution.

1) Stop the wealthy corporate and individual tax dodgers. It is easy, but the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems refuse because they and their backers dodge UK taxes too.

2) Bye bye unelected upper house (Lords) & monarch. The Queen / her progeny can be ceremonial heads of state / ambassadors & stand for election as president if they want.

3) Get rid of the class and present honours system. You are not inferior to others, nor others to you. The class system breeds nothing but bad attitude amongst us all.

4) Stop spending billions on elitist / wannabe empire projects. Put the money into the NHS, schools, universities, social care, leisure, emergency services, defence (but not aggression).

5) Abolish lower income taxes & TV licenses. Have a true luxury rate VAT. Tax money & job exports. Tax pollution. Double tax dodgers. Privatize Westminster, Whitehall & Royal Estates.

6) Reform the electoral system (a win win option does exist). Return fraudulently acquired own to rent properties to the housing market. Double the rates for empty residential property.

7) Incentivize businesses, especially those that export & contribute to tomorrow. Reform welfare, prisons, foreign policy. Make Britain Great again. or Create an Account

About me (the creator of
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About me (the creator of
So, I created

I returned to the UK after many years of living abroad (USA, Thailand, Iberian Peninsular); part of it was because of the looming Brexit. Many, many people said Brexit would never happen, but I had a very low opinion of a large percentage of the British, especially English public. I am multi-generation English myself (I believe my ancestors migrated to the British Isles from Central Europe in the 12th Century), but I always said that while most English people were the best in the world, a large percentage are the worst; the arrogant, mouthy, apathetic, users and abusers within our society. Consequently, I avoided concentrated beer and chips expat areas overseas and so found myself perhaps a little more in tune with the locals. I have to say, most Spanish for me for example have a much better quality of life than we do in the UK; they may earn less but they certainly seem to have more.

Ironically, I noted with amazement that many expats (those who had a vote, those who had been non-UK-resident for over 10 years did not), those expats that said they were voting to Leave; the very people who had most to lose from coming out of the EU, this said everything to me. I wonder how many expats that voted to leave now regret it; I suspect very few that would admit it at least. This was the trouble with Brexit for me; it was all about xenophobia, fear of the future through ignorance and blind euphoria, led by shallow faux charisma from political rats.

I am not a Europhile in that I believe the EU and its member states can do no wrong, far from it. But like all clubs, like all relationships, you need to foster and nurture it. For me the British role in the EU was a selfish one, when we should have been working with other member states to create a multi-tiered EU, not just so each member state could pick what level of integration they wanted (without losing equality in issues directly affecting them), according perhaps to their domestic politics at the time, but also as a safeguard against states in financial crisis, such as with Greece; importantly, a tiered system that would help / protect both Greece and the EU. For me Brexit was nothing about engagement, but an ugly divorce.

Brexit is not everything for me, I have long wished to see political change in the UK and, for that matter, around the world. I had hoped when the Lib Dems were in coalition with the Conservatives, when they secured the "Alternative Vote" referendum that the Lib Dems would have come up with a viable, better alternative; instead they were stitched up and tabled an abhorrence, doomed to failure. For me, a centralist, I have never felt any political party represented me, and I would typical vote for the lesser of the evils each time, but at least I would vote (I despise those people that do not vote, although I believe there should be a box "none" on the ballot paper, to express protest). It is not just how votes are counted and applied, it is everything for me, from an unelected head of state and upper house (House of Lords), to the spin over substance, to failure to illicit public opinion on a regular basis, to the breaking of promises. But, Brexit certainly exposed much of what is bad for me.

For me Brexit is an abhorrence primarily in two respects;
1) The likely / potential economic damage it will do the UK, especially affecting the least affluent. I most hate the self-serving political lies that drove people to voting for self-harm.
2) The xenophobia demonstrating how tribal and primitive we are, when we should be leading Europe in being good neighbours, friends and family, exporting not just our goods and services, but also everything quintessentially good about the UK, from our humour to our justice systems.

I believe Brexit was based on personalities and politics, not truth. I am certain that if the personality Boris Johnson followed his own previous mantra on the EU and had backed Remain, his personality would have offset that of Nigel Farage and Brexit would have failed. That is a sad statement to make, that people voted based on faces, not facts, but then that is the risk alongside the beauty of democracy.

We will see about the economics, if and by how much the British people's standard of living suffers, but for me becoming isolationist is a very bad, backward and undesirable path. For me, the only way forward for humanity, to avoid regional injustice, corruption, terrorism, famine, genocide, sky-rocketing wealth division and mutual self-destruction, is to move carefully towards a single overall state based on the best system of governance, and for everyone to want to be a part of that state. I am not talking about becoming droids / drones / pawns, but retaining what is dear to each of us while sharing that with others, and enjoying what they have to offer us. Brexit certainly is not a forward step and for those that say “The British way of life is best”, I ask why then are Brits known as “whingers”?

I am proud in many ways to be British, however ashamed of too many others. Proud to be European with reservations, and can honestly say that Brexit is NOT for me and NOT good for Great Britain. I want to do what I can to change things, not just in the UK, but hopefully the world, for the sake of my descendants. And I truly believe Great Britain could not only be the world's oldest continuous democracy (credit to the Greeks for inventing it), but the leading true democracy that other countries would want to follow. I am not a politicina in the making, I don't want to join a political party, I don't even want to start one; I hope that others, more qualified and capable than me will do that, but I do want change, and at least I have done something about it, and who knows.....

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